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The Elements of a Landscape...




"A solid landscape plan is the heart of any landscape project. Not only does it give structure to your vision…but it gives purpose to every action - whether you're buying perennials for your patio, or making big decisions - such as choosing the color of your house!


A plan provides a snapshot of your ultimate destination, and acts as a guide as you move toward that goal."




"When you think of 'landscaping' its easy to forget that it includes not only living, breathing plant material, but all of the non-living elements that add structure and texture to your environment - including stone, steel, brick, block, and wood.


The ability to mesh natural and man-made materials with the living landscape requires not only design and installation expertise, but extensive construction skill as well."




"The term 'naturescape' gives the impression that little or no maintenance is required. If that were really the case, people could create successful naturescapes simply by allowing nature to 'take its course'.


The truth is 'naturescapes' are designed to use the materials that nature provides, and carefully managed to ensure the right placement, size and quantity for specified areas. As anyone who cares for a Naturescape will tell you, they can require just as much attention as "manicured" landscapes. But once established, the benefits are well worth it!"




Today, the availability of a wide variety of materials, both natural and man-made, makes the decision to create a wall, walkway, or patio both exciting…and overwhelming!


That's why it's important to consult with a qualified landscape designer. Not only can a designer tailor options to meet your particular vision, but we're able to assess the physical features of your property, and to offer you options that will work in your specific environment.


From natural stone to stamped concrete, the impact of a well-designed and professionally constructed wall, walk or patio can add tremendous visual appeal AND VALUE to your property.




"The sound of water has the power to invigorate, or to calm...What many people forget is that those powerful effects can be re-created, right in their own back yard through carefully designed water features.


From small reflecting pools to multi-tiered waterfalls, water features take us beyond "traditional" landscapes to multi-sensory enviroscapes…"


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