Spring is Here!  Are you ready?

Even though the weather has fluctuated wildly, spring IS here and it's time to take the steps needed to support healthy plant growth, while also mitigating weeds and other nuisances.

No doubt, you'll want to apply spring fertilizers, but FIRST it's important to be sure all of your leaf and weed debris has been removed from planting beds and lawns.  Not only will debris prevent applications from reaching the soil, it also provides the perfect environment for insects, rodents, and fungus and mold to thrive.  If you have "clean" leaf debris, feel free to compost, but move it AWAY from your lawn and bed areas to a contained area where it can decompose in isolation.

If you didn't perform cut-back of perennials and grasses in the fall, this is also a good time to perform that task and remove clippings from the site.

With clean-up complete, it's time for applications!

#1   Consider top-dressing planting beds with mulch (to a finished depth

       of no more than 2 1/2 to 3 inches).

#2   Apply fertilizer to planting beds to encourage strong rooting and promote

       healthy growth.

#3  Apply POST-emergent herbicide to weeds that have already sprouted. 

       (Be sure NOT to let post-emergents touch plant material that you want 

       to keep!  Unless it is a targeted herbicide, it will kill ANYTHING green.)

#4  Apply fertilizer to your lawn.  Note that you may also want to include 

       soil amendments if you've experienced problems with your lawn.  

       Amendments such as lime or iron can replenish nutrients and support 

       healthy growth.

#5  Crabgrass preventer should be applied EARLY in the spring, before     

       crabgrass comes up.  Once it emerges, it's much more difficult to

       deal with!

#6  Early to mid-May is an excellent time to put down broadleaf weed control        (i.e. - clover, dandelions, etc.).  It's important to make the application,     

      however, when the grass is DAMP!  The herbicide will stick to the weeds

      and has a better chance of killing them.  So early morning, when there's

      heavy dew is best!

Of course there are a number of other applications that MAY be needed to address problems that can pop up due to particular site-conditions. 


The best advice is to be observant.  If you see something unusual - such as discoloration in your lawn, leaf curl, or evidence of lawn or plant damage - take steps EARLY to mitigate further damage...And if you need a hand diagnosing or treating issues - or simply managing your spring preparation and applications - give North Star a call!  Consultation is free and we have decades of experience and expertise to bring to YOUR project!

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