Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, or you prefer to have professionals lend a hand, it's important to recognize WHEN certain tasks should be performed, in order to support the best possible spring, summer and fall landscape experiences!


Here's a quick checklist of the tasks that should be performed NOW, if you haven't already managed them!

Be sure all of your leaf and weed debris has been removed from planting beds and lawns.  Not only will debris prevent applications from reaching the soil, it also provides the perfect environment for rodents to burrow (and munch); and it offers fungus, mold and insects the perfect habitat.

If you have "clean" leaf debris, by all-means compost!  But move compost piles AWAY from your lawn and bed areas to a contained area where it can decompose in isolation (for the same reasons as noted above).

Cut-back perennials and grasses, and dispose of clippings away from your beds and lawn.

Top-dress planting beds with mulch (to a finished depth of no more than 2 1/2 to 3 inches).  Mulch will make your beds look nice, and it will provide all important moisture-retention and protection against dry, hot weather. 

Apply (PROPER) herbicides to lawns and beds to discourage weed growth and minimize the need for hand weeding and/or additional applications of herbicides.

Apply (PROPER) fertilizers to lawns and beds to encourage strong, healthy spring growth.

Establish a regular plan for watering - either using an irrigation system, drip lines, or simply a weekly watering schedule.

And one more thing to keep in mind...With so many of us still staying close to home, this is a wonderful time to create a landscape that makes being at home as relaxing and refreshing as a vacation!  You really CAN turn your dream of having a new patio, fire pit, walkway, ornamental pond, water feature, and lawn - into a reality!! 


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