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Landscaper vs. Landscape Architect

Anyone who has ever put a seed in a pot or plant in the ground knows that the act itself is pretty straightforward...Simple in-fact. So it's no surprise that most people see no difference between the titles "Landscaper" and "Landscape Architect". So how do you know if your landscape will benefit from the training and skills of an architect? Ask yourself one, simple question...

"Do I need someone to evaluate my soil, assess my terrain, identify the stressors that will affect my landscape (soil type, soil quality, supplements needed - in the right quantities, exposure to sun, wind, snow loads, run-off, pests, animals, foot traffic, etc), specify the type of plant material that's going to thrive on my site, suggest types of plant/hardscape/waterscape and support features that will satisfy my aesthetic vision and my budget...AND provide on-going support to ensure proper care of all of the above?"

If the answer is yes, you will appreciate the expertise that a Landscape Architect will bring to the conversation. L.A.'s are trained to bring aesthetics and practical application together to create not only beautiful landscapes, but landscapes that work in YOUR UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT -- like living ART that gets better every year!

So while designers may have a flair for what will look lovely today, a Landscape Architect's expertise is in understanding what you can expect at the turn of the season, the advent of a new year, or even years down the road. And if you ask me, there's quite a thrill in seeing a lush and mature landscape years after it was installed...A landscape that grows with the family that created it!

Dana Williamson

Landscape Architect


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